July 10, 2015 update

Rutgers University is committed to maintaining an open teaching and research environment for the free exchange of information within the University among its faculty and students; externally at seminars and meetings; and through the publishing of scientific papers. Academic freedom contributes to the progress of research. Rutgers' policy prohibits any limitation on the freedom to publish as a result of accepting any externally funded/non-funded research support from its various sponsors (government, non-profit and for-profit).

However, Rutgers also recognizes that certain situations may arise where Rutgers' research may involve the dissemination of certain technology, information, materials or equipment that are subject to export control regulations. In those situations, of course Rutgers must fully comply with any applicable regulations and laws.

These Guidelines are intended to introduce export control to researchers, staff and administrators and to assist in determining when they should contact the appropriate Rutgers representatives or review the actual regulations.

Rutgers Export Compliance Officer (RECO), Robert Phillips, is available to meet with individuals or groups to provide assistance, training or explain the regulations as they may be applicable to the work being done.

He can be reached at 848-932-4522, or via email at robert.phillips@rutgers.edu

For additional questions or concerns, please contact Karen Gilbert as 848-932-4528 or karen.gilbert@rutgers.edu.