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Rutgers researchers are making a meaningful difference in the world. Check back often for the latest announcement of faculty grants and awards. Please noteGrants can only be announced on this page once an award account has been established. 

Updated August 13, 2019

Principal Investigator: Max A. Tischfield
Affiliation: Assistant Professor of Cell Biology and Neuroscience, School of Arts and Sciences, Child Health Institute of New Jersey
Award Amount: $35,000
Project Title: Validating Tourette Disorder Mouse Models Using Advanced Machine Learning Technology
Research Sponsor: New Jersey Health Foundation
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Principal Investigator: KiBum Lee
Affiliation: Professor Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology, Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences
Award Amount: $100,000
Project Title: Development of Biodegradable Hybrid Nanoscaffolds for in vivo Drug Delivery and Stem Cell Differentiation
Research Sponsor: Rutgers' Office of Research and Economic Development - TechAdvance Fund
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Principal Investigator: Scott Moerdler
Affiliation: Assistant Professor, Cancer Institute of New Jersey
Award Amount:  $50,000
Project Title: Expression of a New Immune Checkpoint in the Tumor Microenvironment of Pediatric Hodgkin Lymphoma
Research Sponsor: Children’s Oncology Group Foundation, Inc
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Principal Investigator: G. Marcela Rodriguez
Affiliation: Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, New Jersey Medical School - Public Health Research Institute
Award Amount: $100,000
Project Title: Relationship between the iron response and the pathogenic potential of M. tuberculosis
Research Sponsor: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
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