New Human Subject Protection Training Requirements

To standardize human subjects research education, as well as to facilitate collaborative relationships with other major research institutions, effective July 1, 2015 all Rutgers faculty, students, and other individuals involved in human subjects research will be required to complete the Collaborative IRB Training Initiative (CITI).

CITI is highly regarded in the research community and is used at all Big Ten universities to provide comprehensive human subjects protection education. CITI modules have been designed to provide both biomedical and social/behavioral researchers with targeted and relevant information. In addition, as stated in the terms of our Federal-wide Assurance with the Department of Health and Human Services, Rutgers must ensure that “investigators maintain continuing knowledge of…” human subjects research information.  CITI provides such a continuing education opportunity.

If you have never taken the any human subject protection training you must complete the Basic CITI training prior to conducting any research with human subjects.

If you have previously completed the Rutgers Human Subjects Certification Program (HSCP) you will be “grandfathered” into the initial Basic CITI requirement and only be required to complete the CITI Refresher Course. Note, the legacy Rutgers Human Subjects Certification Program (HSCP) online training alone will no longer be sufficient after July 1.

This requirement applies to all individuals involved in human subjects research, such as principal investigators, co-investigators (including faculty advisors) and other study personnel with direct contact with subjects or their identifiable data, and anyone involved in the design or conduct (e.g., data entry) of the research.

Campus IRBs will not issue final approval of any IRB submissions until it is verified that all listed investigators (including faculty advisors) and study personnel have completed the current requirements for human subjects research education.


To register:  For more information about CITI and for registration instructions, please access our CITI training page on the Human Subjects Protection website:

Note:  In addition to Human Subject Protection training, CITI also offers a variety of other education certifications in other research compliance areas such as: RCR, GCP, COI, Information Privacy and Security, Export Control, Animal Care and Use, and Biosafety and Biosecurity. All are accessible with your Rutgers account. SAVE THE DATEThe office of Human Subjects Protection and Institutional Review Boards presents: "Understanding the Various Types of IRB Review: Non-Human Subject, Exempt, Expedited, Facilitated, Full Board, and Quality Assurance"Speakers:

  • Paula Bistak, DMH, RN, MS, CIP, CHRC
  • Donna Hoagland, LPN, BS, CIP, CCRC
  • Carlotta Rodriguez, BS, CIP

Date 1: October 7, 2011 - (10AM -12PM): Newark Location 1: Medical Science building, 185 South Orange Ave, Rosemary Gellene Room, Level B, Room 515

Date 2 : October 20, 2011 - (10AM -12PM): Stratford Location 2 : University Education Center (UEC), 40 East Laurel Road, Room 1081, Speakers: Paula Bistak, DMH, RN, MS, CIP, CHRC and Carlotta Rodriguez, BS, CIP

Date 3 : November 1, 2011 - (10AM -12PM): New Brunswick Location 3 : 125 Paterson Street, CAB Conference Center, Room 1302 , Speakers: Paula Bistak, DMH, RN, MS, CIP, CHRC and Donna Hoagland, LPN, BS, CIP, CCRC

RSVP: Shelia Evans:

Questions: In you have questions, or need assistance, please call the Rutgers CITI Administrator at 973-972-9595.