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New System for Grant Proposals, and Much More, Now Live

The Office of Research and Economic Development has completed Phase II of the Research Administration and Proposal Submission System (RAPSS) and the enhancements to the system are now live.

RAPSS is now mandatory for all new submissions of research proposals, corporate contracts, and associated items. Paper submissions are no longer possible for new activity.

During the current transition period, which will be completed in October, the RAPSS team is developing the ability to migrate existing activities on grants, contracts, and awards into RAPSS. Until that is accomplished, for transactions already in progress that were not previously submitted through RAPSS, the current paper endorsement process will be in effect.

A matrix outlining the intended uses for RAPSS now and in the future is posted here.

If you are expecting a modification to an award, such as a continuation, supplement, etc, please contact your grant specialist or corporate contracts specialist to learn if it can be processed through RAPSS.

As an integrated, user-friendly system, RAPSS will…

  • Streamline and bring transparency to the submission of proposals, contracts, and associated items
  • Eliminate paper documents and the tasks associated with creating, conveying and storing hard copies
  • Replace the cumbersome paper-based endorsement process and allow for electronic routing and approvals
  • Integrate the pre-award process with post-award financial management process
  • Offer direct submission of select proposals to federal sponsors through RAPSS.
  • Provide a secure archive of proposals, contracts, and awards complete with a project history to provide an up-to-date record of activity related to the project
  • Create a database that is visible to each project’s authorized users and available for sharing with other individuals
  • Replace the use of RedCap for the submission of contract review requests to OCC
  • Eliminate the IPAS portal for the purposes of making advance account requests

The RAPSS platform is Huron Consulting’s Click® Portal Solution. The project is being led jointly by Diane Ambrose, who directs the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs; Faizan Ahmed, associate director of IT in the Office of Research and Economic Development; and Steve Schipper, project manager in the Office of Information Technology.

RAPSS Training, Quick Reference Guides, and Video Guides

Information about RAPSS user training and the schedule of training sessions are posted here.

There are two types of RAPSS training: (1) funding proposal and endorsement training, covering the endorsement process in RAPSS and submission of federal awards through the “system-to-system” component directly to sponsors and (2) webinar sessions that focus on the agreements module (for corporate contracts) and the awards module.

If only attending one session, PI's should attend the funding proposal and endorsement session (about two hours long), which covers the basics of RAPSS.

Individuals who deal with corporate contracts, clinical trials, material transfer agreements, non-disclosure agreements, etc. should participate in training for the agreements module. 

Helpful Quick Reference Guides are posted here and Video Guides are posted here.