Office of Research Development (ORD)

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The Office of Research Development promotes and assists in the development and growth of collaborative multi-disciplinary research teams and assists faculty in the development of large, multi-investigator projects. The Limited Submission Program is also coordinated through this office. The mission of the office is to support and strengthen research activities at Rutgers.

For information that is available only to Rutgers faculty only, vist SAKAI*, where there are joinable sites for RU faculty, staff and students.

Awards, Prizes for faculty

List of award and prize opportunities for faculty.

Funding Opps – ORED

Resources and links to all federal funders, foundations, professional assocations and international lists.  Also, postings for some larger, institutionally interesting opportunities.

Funding Opps - Arts Resources and links to opportunities in the arts, including performing arts.
Funding Opps - Biomed Resources and links to opportunities in biomedicine
Funding Opps - Clinical Resources and links to opportunities in clinical research
Funding Opps - Dental Resources and links to opportunities in the dental field
Funding Opps - Environmental Resources and links to opportunities in the environmental field
Funding Opps - Healthcare Resources and links to opportunities in the healthcare field
Funding Opps - Humanities Resources and links to opportunities in the Humanities
Funding Opps – Instrumentation, Equipment & Construction Resources and links to opportunities for instrumentation, equipment and construction grants.

Funding Opps – Jr Faculty

Resources and links to opportunities specific to junior faculty

Funding Opps - Neuroscience Resources and links to opportunities regarding neuroscience.

Funding Opps - Nursing

Resources and links to opportunities in the nursing field

Funding Opps -Outreach/Education

Resources and links to opportunities in education and outreach.

Funding Opps - postdoc, students

Resources and links to opportunities for postdocs and graduate students

Funding Opps - SCI Resources and links to opportunities for researchers at SCI
GradFund Virtual Office The GradFund Virtual Office on sakai is a way to access announcements, sample proposals and proposal writing resources.  See also the GradFund webpage.
NSF CAREER grants - Resources Resources and links to assist junior faculty submit competitive NSF CAREER grant proposals.

NSF Proposal Development Materials

Workshops, training powerpoints, guides, reports and other resources helpful in the NSF proposal writing endeavor.

ONR Future Force EXPO Resources and notices regarding Office of Naval Research


Resources for Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute funding source

Sample Proposals Sample proposals from various funding agencies.
Templates, Inventories Templates and information about RU for proposal preparation, links to federal program forms and templates.

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Here, you will find information on:

- Identification of internal and external funding sources, including limited submission opportunities.  Rutgers faculty, students and staff can join the Funding Sources-ORED SAKAI site, where links to government and private funding searches are provided (go into SAKAI, click on "membership," then click on "joinable sites."  Funding sources - ORED is a public joinable site.

- Sponsor information to help you develop your proposal (i.e., templates, sample proposals, guides, and tips on the peer review process).  We cannot write the proposal for you, but we can provide advice and materials to help you write a competitive proposal.

- Rutgers information for proposal submission (i.e., characteristics of the university, lists of STEM programs, Rutgers policy library, etc.).  

Process for requesting letters of support  and financial letters of support from ORED

Descriptive information about the University

Administrative Forms

Schools/Entities providing research development support - contact your grants facilitator for proposal samples and grant writing guides: