ORED Celebrates 250: Gift Baskets Raffle

Congratulations to the two raffle winners: Jackie Williams and Laszlo Szabo!

Each entry was required to have a statement about what the entrant feels grateful for. Below are some of the comments in the entries.

"I'm grateful for the moments when we work as a team, anchored around the shared vision to make Rutgers great."

"I am grateful for the opportunity to work with internationally renowned experts at the Rutgers Discovery Informatics Institute to facilitate the interdisciplinary collaboration and discovery process to tackle huge challenges of science, engineering, and technology, but also challenges of big and fast data!"

"What I am most grateful for at Rutgers is the people, which I count as my professional blessings. Over the last nine years of my tenure, I am fortunate to have worked with many talented individuals who help me grow professionally and personally. I am blessed to have enduring friendships and professional relationships that continue to challenge and support growth within this University with their dedication, passion, commitment to excellence."

"I’m extremely thankful to have the opportunity for both myself and my child to be able to attend such a renowned University. I am also thankful to be a part of such a diverse, caring, and helpful community for the past 17 years. My entire working life has been spent here at Rutgers and I never fail to meet creative, brilliant people that I can learn from on a daily basis which helps me  to grow within my personal and working life. The atmosphere here is that of academia, rather than corporate, and it feeds a person’s mind in ways that a private sector job would not. I am thankful to have spent my life among such people and look forward to another 17+ years."

"I am extremely grateful for positive, exciting, and inspiring environment. Working at Rutgers is not only fun, and rewarding, it is also an opportunity to learn and grow, and make an amazing difference in my life."

"I am grateful for Rutgers giving us the week between Christmas and New Years off.  It allows me to spend a whole week relaxing with family without having to worry about what is piling up in my inbox at work."

"I am grateful for the great colleagues at Rutgers and for all of us being well and healthy."

"I'm grateful for my boss who is always entertaining, my coworkers who keep me laughing in a fairly quiet environment, and for lots of available parking spaces at 33KB (unlike the rest of Rutgers)."