ORED Senior Leadership Team

S. David Kimball, Ph.D. (Bio)
Interim Senior Vice President for Research and Economic Development

and Vice President, Innovation & Research Commercialization
T: 848-932-4550; kimball@rutgers.edu

Charisma Z. Mendoza
Executive Assistant to the Senior Vice President
T: 848-445-5047; charisma.mendoza@rutgers.edu

Research Administration: Staff Directory (Includes Corporate Engagement, Corporate Contracts, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, Grant and Contract Accounting, and Research Development)

Innovation & Research Commercialization: Staff Directory
Liz Klosowski, Administrative Coordinator
T: 848-932-4455; l.klosowski@rutgers.edu

Judith Neubauer, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President, Research Regulatory Affairs

T: 973-972-5333; neubauer@rwjms.rutgers.edu

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Jeetendra Eswaraka, DVM, Ph.D., DACLAM
Associate Vice President, Comparative Medicine Resources

T: 848-445-6406; jeetendra.eswaraka@rutgers.edu

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CMR Staff Directory


Judy Zenowich
Director, Research Finance and Administration

T: 848-932-2417; zenowich@oq.rutgers.edu

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Sacha (Alexandra) Patera, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President, Corporate Engagement Center

T: 848-932-4484; sacha.patera@rutgers.edu

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