Publicity with Business Partners: Approval Process & Guidelines

Publicity with Business Partners: Approval Process & Guidelines

The Office of Research and Economic Development (ORED) strongly supports and regularly engages in communications and publicity efforts in collaboration with our business partners. We have implemented a process and guidelines that are simple, flexible, and expeditious. The process and guidlines should contribute to effective and efficient communications and publicity while protecting the reputations of Rutgers and our business partners (e.g. corporations, foundations, licensees, etc.). 

Final approval for all communications and publicity with business partners that include mention of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, must be granted in writing by ORED Communications.


  1. Business partner or Rutgers representative submits the initial draft of communications to ORED Communications either directly or through their point of contact at Rutgers.
  1. ORED Communications reviews, comments and edits as needed; and then circulates internally as necessary.
  1. ORED Communications returns the draft to the Business Partner for any necessary revisions. If possible, ORED Communications provides conditional approval.
  1. Business Partner returns revised final version for Rutgers’ files.

If necessary, the process is repeated until all parties are satisfied and the final draft is approved by ORED Communications.


  1. The Business Partner should review Rutgers University’s policy 80.1.4 on “Endorsements, Sponsorships, and Advertising in and on University Assets and Communication Materials.” Another valuable resource is Rutgers Editorial Style Guide.
  1. The Business Partner must provide supporting information and allow sufficient time (at least five working days) for a thorough review at Rutgers.
  1. Copy should be fact-based and cannot include product superiority claims or any endorsement by Rutgers, implicit or explicit.


Below is the standard publicity language in Rutgers’ contracts with industry.​

“Neither party will use the name or trademarks of the other in any form of advertising or promotion or for any other use without the prior written approval of the other. The parties may, however, acknowledge SPONSOR's support for, and the nature of, the investigations being pursued under this Agreement. In any such statement, the relationship of the parties will be accurately and appropriately described. RUTGERS may list the existence of this project in its internal documents, annual reports and databases, which are available to the public.”