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RDI2 Launches High-Performance Computing at Rutgers

One of the most powerful academic computing systems in the nation is under construction at Rutgers, with completion expected by late summer. That’s according to Manish Parashar, distinguished professor of computer science at Rutgers and founding director of the Rutgers Discovery Informatics Institute (RDI2), who is heading the project. The system will provide universitywide “state-of-the-art advanced cyberinfrastructure technologies that will dramatically increase the computing and storage capacity and capabilities available to Rutgers researchers,” Parashar said.

Funded by a $10 million state grant awarded to RDI2, which was part of the higher education bond issue, the project has three phases. The Phase I system went live January 4 and provides approximately 150 teraflops of computational and data analytics capabilities and one petabyte of storage to faculty and staff researchers throughout the university. Early users of this system span a wide range of disciplines including chemistry and chemical biology, engineering, genomics, humanities, integrative biology, mathematics, medical informatics, microbiology, physics and astronomy, and proteomics.

Phase II construction, which was curently underway, includes a new modular data center.

RDI2 is in the midst of a highly competitive bidding process to chose the lead contractor for Phase III, the yet-to-be-named Rutgers Supercomputer, which will include cutting-edge computing, storage, and communication technologies, said Ivan Rodero, RDI2’s associate director of technical operations.

Parashar said: “Together these systems represent computational and data analytics capabilities that are unprecedented at Rutgers. These systems will significantly increase the competitiveness of Rutgers researchers in computational and data-enabled science, engineering, and medicine."

Further details about RDI2 and the ELF project will be provided at the RDI2 Open House February 23 on Busch Campus.

Parashar said he was given “tremendous help” by Margaret Brennan-Tonetta, associate vice president in Rutgers’ Office of Research and Economic Development, which was critical to the success to this project.  Suggestions for a name for the supercomputer – ideas “that reflect your Scarlet Pride, iconic New Jersey, and technology” – are being solicited by the RDI2 team via

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