Research News Videos

The BEAST Tests Bridges     The BEAST subjects full-scale bridge specimens to rapid-cycling environmental changes and extreme traffic loading to induce and speed up deterioration as much as 30 times, making it possible to simulate 15 to 20 years of wear-and-tear in just a few months. Watch

Rutgers to Develop Drone Equally Adept at Flying and Swimming     This one-of-a-kind vehicle could speed search-and-rescue operations, monitor the spread of oil spills and even help the Navy rapidly defuse threats from underwater mines. Watch 

Helping Babies Learn Language Skills     Research shows that a new game developed in the Infancy Studies Lab at Rutgers University-Newark helps babies develop the skills needed to learn language. The work could prove especially helpful for babies who come from families with a history of language impairment. Watch 

Cancer Research Focuses on Zebrafish     Rutgers researchers are using zebrafish to learn about the genetics of cancer and ways to improve treatment in humans. Hatem Sabaawy, a Rutgers Biomedical Health Sciences assistant professor of medicine and researcher at the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey, says fish and humans have strikingly similar blood cells. The goal is to find a genetic combination that disables the body's ability to develop cancer. Watch 

How To Get Rid of Food Poisoning     Rutgers food science students are using cold plasma technology in ways that could revolutionize how manufacturers decontaminate fruits and vegetables. Researchers say the ability to decontaminate food after it has been sealed in packaging could lead to a dramatic drop in cases of food poisoning. Watch 

Rodkin Scholars Program Helps Women in Sciences at Rutgers     Aspiring female scientists are getting the chance to do research full time during the summer before their sophomore years at Rutgers as part of the Rodkin Scholars program. The project is funded by alumni Barbara and Gary Rodkin through the Our Rutgers, Our Future campaign. Watch