Rutgers Internal Grant Programs

Program Name

Rutgers Sponsor


Access to RDI2 Computing Resources


RDI2 maintains Excalibur, an IBM Blue Gene/P supercomputer, for use by the Rutgers community.  Two levels of access are available - submit a proposal for access.

 Bridge Research Grants


To enable investigators to continue certain aspects of their sponsored research projects during circumstances when funding has lapsed. An investigator whose most recent application (e.g. to NIH, NSF, etc) for extramural support has been reviewed but not  funded is an appropriate candidate for bridging funds.Up to $25,000.  December due date.

Busch Biomedical Research Grants


Busch Grant Program is designed to enhance health-related research at the university and to strengthen the competitive position of faculty members who seek external research funds. Two levels - $25,000 and $50,000. The program opens for applications in February with a late March due date. 

Center for Environmental Exposures and Disease (CEED) Pilot Project Grants


Up to $25,000 for projects focusing on interdisciplinary approaches to environmental health sciences. DUE April 1, 2015

Excellence in Research Award


Plaque and stipend to faculty who has performed outstanding research during the source of the year. February due date.

Faculty and Graduate Interdisciplinary Working Grouips in Global Health Research


The Faculty and Graduate Students Interdisciplinary Working Groups in Global Health Research support faculty and graduate students pursuing collaborative and scholarly activities that significantly strengthen the university’s international agenda by emphasizing global health strengths. Approximately eight awards of up to $10,000 will be made.  December due date.

Fellowships and Awards

Graduate School - New Brusnwick individual fellows are selected by the school, which bases its decisions on the principles of merit as well as fair and reasonable distribution among the relevant units.

International Collaborative Research Grants
Tenure Track Faculty
Tenured Faculty


The International Collaborative Research Grants support international research, projects, and programs initiated by faculty with scholars at foreign institutions. These collaborations may be with faculty at institutions where Rutgers has already established a partnership or institutions that Rutgers is not currently partnered with, which could lead to further collaboration and partnership. Approximately 10 grants of $8,000 will be awarded.  December due date.

Internationalizing the Curriculum Grants 


 The Internationalizing the Curriculum Grants are meant to foster a comprehensive curricular review at the department or program level with the aim of incorporating an international perspective and preparing their students for global competence. This initiative does not impose a specific view of what internationalization means; rather it asks the faculty to think purposefully and creatively about the international dimensions of their academic subject area and ways in which to integrate it into the curriculum.  November due date.

NJ Global Connections Grants


The NJ Global Connections Grants support the development of partnerships with local diaspora organizations and communities in New Jersey, international organizations, and existing or new partner universities abroad. Approximately eight grants of up to $5,000 will be awarded.  December due date.

NJ AES Seed Program


This is a "seed" program to support exciting projects with significant potential for external funding that require high-throughput DNA sequencing. The data will be generated at the Illumina sequencing facility in Foran Hall.  Individual awards ranging from $5,000 - $8,000 will be provided to support DNA sequencing.  May due date.

NJ Health Foundation Grants RBHS

Research Grants Program
Signature Initiatives Research Grant Program
Innovation STage Funding PRogram
Foundation Venture Capital Group

OTC Translational Research  Mini-Grants for RBHS Inventions

Office of Research Commercialization, ORED

Grant opportunities of $5,000 to $10,000 will be available to further the development of a RBHS innovation.  Due in June.

Programs for Community

Office of Community Affairs

$25,000 to support community-based participatory research. Due March 6, 2015.

QED Proof-of Concept Program


The QED Program is a multi-institutional proof-of-concept program that provides business development support for academic researchers developing early-stage life science technologies with high commercial potential. June due date.

RBHS Team Science Initiative (TSI) Awards

Vice Chancellor for Research, RBHS

TSI grant can provide funds up to $40,000 direct costs

Research Council Grants


 By means of small grants, the Research Council supports studies leading to significant outside funding and publication in all fields of learning represented in the University, as well as creative work in the arts. Applicants may request funds for a variety of needs, such as equipment and supplies, help, publication subvention, and essential travel related to research — in short, funds to cover expenses directly related to research and to other creative endeavors. 

Rutgers University Faculty Advancement and Institutional Re-imagination (RU FAIR):  Mini-grants


Funds from the grant are intended to support an individual’s research program where that research is directly related to institutional goals of diversity, equity, and advancement of faculty at Rutgers.

Rutgers University Faculty Advancement and Institutional Re-imagination (RU FAIR): Life Cycle Grants


Life-Cycle Grants are available to help ensure that the pace of your research does not diminish, and that you cancontinue your research activities even when your research or teaching time is seriously limited due to a family or life transition.