Siemens Corporate Technology R&D Challenge at Rutgers Fosters University-Industry Collaboration, Promotes Research

Siemens Corporate Technology partnered with Rutgers University to host a hackathon, called FutureMakers Challenge, on campus in an effort to bolster the company's innovation pipeline and empower the nation's top talent.

Rutgers, one of six leading U.S. universities selected to participate based on its technical strengths, alignment with Siemens' current initiatives and projects, and history of collaboration, hosted the event on May 17.

During the day-long challenge, six teams of undergraduate and doctoral Rutgers students developed next-generation software concepts around the theme of "Autonomous Agricultural Production Using Robotics and Artificial Intelligence." The students then presented their ideas to a panel of Siemens experts for judging. Winners were selected based on innovation, out-of-the-box thinking, and relevance to market needs.

Siemens is investing $140,000 in the first-place winning team from Rutgers and inviting the team’s members to work with Siemens Corporate Technology teams in Princeton, New Jersey over the course of six months to bring the technology from concept to reality.

The teams participating from Rutgers School of Engineering included:

Team Name: Acadia
Faculty Advisor: Paul Takhistov
Team Leader: Yingyi Guo
Members: Ruoyuan Du, Aravind Silva, Naren Sundar, Harshinder Kohli

Team Name: Arches
Faculty Advisor: Qingze Zou
Team Leader: Christopher DiPaola
Members: Tianwei Li, Qiujie Liu

Team Name: Denall (3rd Place)
Faculty Advisors: Onur Bilgen, Serpil Guran
Team Leader: Cody Wright
Members: Manasi Date, Dante Torello, Emily McCue

Team Name: Glacier (1st Place)
Faculty Advisors: Jingang Yi, Bingru Huang
Team Leader: Merrill Edmonds
Members: Yongbin Gong, Fei Liu, David Ezrapour, Stephanie Rossi

Team Name: Olympic
Faculty Advisors: Mina Pelegri, Dunbar Birnie
Team Leader: Max Tenorio
Members: Chris Sacelaris, Matthew Mann, Bhavesh Narala, Nick Birnie

Team Name: Sequoia (2nd Place)
Faculty Advisors: Kristin Dana, Peter Oudemans
Team Leader: Metthew Purri
Members: Jia Xue, Peri Akiva, Eric Wengrowski

Other participating universities in Siemens Corporate Technology’s FutureMakers Challenges across the country included Carnegie Mellon University; University of California, Berkeley; Princeton University; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and the Georgia Institute of Technology.