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Sponsored Research Agreements

About Us

An integral unit of the Office of Research and Economic Development, the Sponsored Research Agreements team fosters and preserves mutually beneficial research alliances with industry, by providing professional and responsive contract support in the form of contract review, drafting, negotiations, contract execution, and contract life cycle management.

Since its inception in 1989, Sponsored Research Agreements (formerly Corporate Contracts) has grown in response to an overall upward growth trend of industrial sponsored research and funding at Rutgers, which is attributable to Rutgers’ gifted research faculty and their expertise. With the integration of UMDNJ into Rutgers, the team continues to play a vital role in such valuable industry/Rutgers partnerships through its dedication to Rutgers faculty and staff, its knowledge of State and Federal government regulations and contract law, Rutgers’ policy governing internal business matters as they relate to its educational charter, and its sensitivity towards and understanding of the cultural disparity between industry and academia.

The unit is responsible for the following types of agreements:

  • funded and collaborative research; including subcontract agreements
  • small business SBIR and STTR agreements
  • laboratory/field services for a fee agreements
  • material transfer of biological and other scientific material agreements
  • business associate/HIPAA related agreements
  • data use agreements
  • confidentiality disclosure and nondisclosure agreements (exchange of proprietary or otherwise information), for all of Rutgers, regardless of the contracting party’s private-industry or non-profit status
  • student sponsorships agreements (fellowships and company programs)
  • master research/master service agreements
  • subawards
  • other unique agreements related to research

A Rutgers agreement type and supporting office guide may be found here.

Rutgers' Export Control Officer works closely with the Sponsored Research Agreements team and is readily available to guide and train faculty and staff in matters relating to export control.

When submitting a contract request through RAPSS, please include the following documentation:

  • Budget. Include IRB and/or IACUC fees, as required.
  • Statement of work

Budget Considerations:

Clinical Trial Contracting

The Sponsored Research Agreements team provides professional and responsive contract support in the form of proposal and contract review, drafting, negotiations, and contract life cycle management. All contracts with a clincial component must be submitted to Sponsored Research Agreements for review. A "clincial component" means any research that involves protected health information and/or biological materials collected directly from a human subject (living or non-living). "Biological material" means any blood, serum, urine, or other bodily fluid, tissue, specimen, or biological sample or material collected from a Study Subject/Patient/Human Being collected or utilizaed as part of the research.

Please submit all RBHS corporate contracts AND all government/non-profit clinical contracts through RAPSS.

Please ensure the RAPSS request also includes the following supporting documentation:

  • Budget
  • Statement of work or protocol

The above-cited documentation is not necessary if the corporate contract is a standalone master research, services, or clinical trial agreement without any specific statement of work(s) or protocol(s) attached at the outset.

Budget Considerations:

  • Funded research, services, and clinical budgets are subject to the current full facilities and administration (F&A) rate. More information on the F&A policy and process for special F&A considerations may be found here.
  • See Quick Facts for more details on F&A.
  • IRB and/or IACUC Fees
    • Questions regarding IRB or IACUC fees should be directed to the Office of Research and Regulatory Affairs, Director of Regulatory Affairs here. IRB fee information may be found here, and IACUC fee information may be found here.

It is the policy of RU/RBHS that, prior to initiating a clinical trial at RBHS, all regulatory and institutional requirements must be met. Prior to initiating the trial, the Principal Investigator and study staff must make certain that essential documents are completed and avialable to ensure the university’s readiness to start the study.  Essential documents include, but are not limited to, a copy of the current IRB approval and a signed clinical trial agreement with the industry sponsor.  Additional requirements and information may be found in the Rutgers Policy Library at and, more particularly, Sections 90 (Research) and 100 (Clinical, Compliance, Ethics & Corporate Integrity).