top Sponsored Research

What if my company wants to sponsor research on campus?

Rutgers has deep experience in this area, with more than $22 million dollars in corporate research funded in fiscal year 2011. Typically you will need to find a Rutgers researcher you want to work with, and define the parameters of the research project with them. You will then need to produce a scope of work statement and a budget to be submitted by the Rutgers researcher to our office to get the process started. If you would like to discuss details of this process or obtain a draft research agreement contact Corporate Contracts.

top Using Rutgers Facilities for Research

What if my company wants to collaborate with a Rutgers scientist at Rutgers facilities?

While Rutgers allows visiting scientists on campus, there must be an important scientific reason to do this. Your company will typically have to have an executed Visiting Scientist Agreement before starting any collaboration on campus. Contact Corporate Contracts for details.

top Exchanging Confidential Information

Our company needs to exchange confidential information with a Rutgers researcher, what should we do?

In general, universities are poor places to keep information confidential, as one of the main duties of researchers is to publish. To the extent possible, your company should file for a patent before disclosing things to Rutgers. Under limited circumstances information can also be protected by confidentiality agreements if these are executed before the information is exchanged.

top Material Transfers

What if I want to send or obtain biological materials under a materials transfer agreement with a researcher at Rutgers?

Contact Corporate Contracts, the group that manages such agreements at Rutgers, to discuss details of the transfer.

top Services

What if my company desires testing or measurement services on Rutgers scientific equipment?

Rutgers provides service agreements for these types of non-research services. Typically, you will need to locate a Rutgers department that has the equipment required and engage a Rutgers principal investigator to perform/direct the project. Corporate Contracts would propose and process the appropriate agreement.

top Export Control

What should I know or look for to determine if my award is subject to export control restrictions?

Be aware of any restrictions on the publication or participation of foreign nationals. Contact Export Control to discuss the details of export compliance.