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  1. Will RAPSS accept word or excel files for uploading attachments?

  2. When logging on to the RAPSS site with your Net ID/PW, is it case sensitive?

  3. Is it possible to have several different stages of a proposal established for students to Practice and view for familiarity of the entire process?

  4. I don’t understand what the “Personal Workspace” is or where it is located.

  5. How can I view my submission deadline date?

  6. How can I get back to my main home page or "Personal Workspace"?

  7. What are the stages my proposal will go through in terms of the workflow?

  1. Yes these files will be accepted.

  2. Yes. Since this is not an application constraint but more of a CAS requirement that your NetID/password is case sensitive.

  3. The RAPSS test environment will be made generally available for continual practicing. Assistance will also be made available using RAPSS training videos and tutorials which will eventually be posted on the RAPSS home page.

  4. In general a “workspace” is any space on the RAPSS site that you are currently viewing/working on.


    • If you are in your “Inbox”, that would be considered your user or personal workspace.
    • If you click on the “Grants” tab that would be considered your grants workspace.
    • If from the “Grants” tab you click on the desired “Proposal”, that would be considered your proposal workspace.
  5. The deadline date can be accessed a few ways:

    • From your Inbox, click on the “In Progress” tab
    • From the “Grants” tab, view date listed under your proposal
    • From the proposal link, view the Proposal Information listed under the “Project Information” tab
    • From the “Edit Proposal” tab, click on section 12.0.1
  6. Your main “homepage”, also known as your “Inbox” or “personal workspace”, can be accessed by clicking on the “Inbox” tab in the upper right hand corner of the RAPSS page.

  7. The diagram below shows the most basic workflow a proposal (and SF424) can go through.

    The tabs below, as listed under your “Inbox” or “personal workspace”, reflect the following workflow information:

    My Inbox: Items that currently require your action

    • Proposal Team
    • Department Approver
    • Grant Specialist

    In Progress: Items that are under development or in the review process. The application has not been submitted to the sponsor. During this phase you may see your application go through some of the following stages:

    • Department Review
    • Specialist Review
    • Signing Official (SO) Final Review

    Pending: Items that have been submitted to the sponsor. They are awaiting notification from the Sponsor regarding the status of the application.

    • Sponsor Review
    • Award Notification Received
    • JIT Requested

    Active: Items that have been awarded by the sponsor.

    Completed: Items that are either:

    • Withdrawn
    • Not Funded
    • Otherwise Completed

    They may neither be worked on nor may they be returned to an active state.