Training Sessions

RAPSS Training Environment: The RAPSS training environment is offered so that you can become familiar with the system before using the production environment. Please note that this system should not be used for the preparation of actual applications. If you are outside of the Rutgers network, you will need to use the VPN to access the Rutgers training environment.  http://test-rapss.rutgers.eduiy

RAPSS Training Schedule: The schedule is posted below. Please use the registration link to make a reservation. Most faculty and staff would take the proposal team training. But these sessions also include the "Approver" training portion, for those who normally approve the endorsement form. These individuals have been identified by their schools as approvers in RAPSS. The training schedule will be updated quarterly. Please check back for ongoing training opportunities over the next year.

Training Session Format (In Class): RAPSS Proposal and Endorsement Process

Unless indicated otherwise, "in class" training will use the format below. These sessions will cover the RAPSS proposal and endorsement process.

9:00am-12:00pm – RAPSS Proposal and Endorsement Training (Morning)
1:00- 4:00 pm- RAPSS Proposal and Endorsement Training (Afternoon) - *Offered on an "as needed" basis*

Training Session Format (Online): RAPSS Agreements and RAPSS Awards

For the online training sessions, we strongly recommend that users attend the RAPSS Proposal and Endorsement training prior to enrolling in the online sessions. It will be expected that users, at the very least, have a general level of familiarity with the endorsement process and navigating through the system. Unless indicated otherwise, the "Online" training sessions will use the following format below.

9:00 am-10:00 am - RAPSS Agreements (Agreements)
10:30 am-12:30 pm - RAPSS Awards (Awards/Modifications/Subawards)

Registration Website:

We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties with the training registration site.  If you receive an error message while attempting to register for a session, please try closing out of your browser completely, (prior to doing so delete all cookies, etc.), reopen it and try the registration link again. If a browser has been open too long, the registration system will not allow members to use that same browser to access it’s site, and members will receive an error message instead. If this does not resolve the issue, try using a different browser. If you continue to experience difficulties, please contact Rosie McCamery at or Chris Stastny at with your registration request. This request should include your full name, net ID, email address and office phone number. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Please be sure to register for a preferred session at least 24 hours in advance. If a session lands on a Monday, please register no later than the Friday before, by 5pm. Late registrants may be subject to rescheduling for a future session.

For the online sessions, the link to Skype Business will be provided to registrants no later than the day before the session is to be conducted. Please be sure to have Skype Business set up on your PC/Mac prior to the start of the session.     


1/14- RAPSS Proposal and Endorsement Training: NWK/NJMS Medical Science Bldg: Rm A555

1/22- RAPSS Agreement Training (Online): Skype Business

        RAPSS Award Training (Online): Skype Business

1/23- RAPSS Proposal and Endorsement Training: PISC/ Nelson Biolab Rm: B125 (24)

1/30- RAPSS Proposal and Endorsement: NB/ RWJ/Medical Education Building-Library: Rm 101G (6)

2/5- RAPSS Agreement Training (Online): Skype Business

        RAPSS Award Training (Online): Skype Business

2/6-  RAPSS Proposal and Endorsement: Pisc/Kessler Teaching Lab: Rm L201 (16)

2/11- RAPSS Proposal and Endorsement: NWK/Hill Hall Rm 124 (30)

2/13- RAPSS Proposal and Endorsement Training: PISC/ Nelson Biolab Rm: B125 (24)

Additional Training Aids

If you are unable to register for a training session, please reference the training guides located here for guidance: